~ Molly Dugger Brennan ~
Writer, Speaker, Humorist-for-Hire,
and Definitely Less than Ladylike

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Molly's Bio

Molly has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil.  Her first production was an adaptation of Cinderella that was produced by her third grade class. It had a very successful one-week run in the Amelia Academy gymnasium. Later in life, she wrote tedious, mind-numbing, technical documents for "Beltway Bandit" companies in Washington, D.C. and humorous essays on the side to save her own sanity.

Molly has always been encouraged to write by her friends and family, who thought her letters were a hoot.  She is also encouraged by the true love of her life, her upgrade husband Gruff who just thinks that she should get a job and writing is as good as any other occupation.

With boatloads of encouragement at her back, Molly set out to win over the publishing industry.  Molly hatched a can't-fail plan to become a rich and famous writer. Unfortunately, changing her name to David Sedaris would not be allowed.  So Molly regrouped and set out once again with fresh writing samples in hand, a song in her heart, and a work ethic that would impress a rented mule.

You are a very important part of Molly's Big Plan for Success.  If you can think of anyone in publishing, television, or radio who may find Molly's quirky observations amusing and/or profitable, please let them know about her. 

Best wishes to you for much love, happiness, and success in your own life.

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